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BENTAR lagi udah weekend aja, yah. Buat kamu yang pengen liburan atau menginap di sekitaran BSD, mungkin hotel Grand Zuri adalah hotel yang cocok. Karena ini adalah konten video, langsung aja yuk tonton videonya.–O_m5lSLA

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  • GOOD MANNERS Improve Customer Service 😍
They make your customers view you in a better light. They make your interactions with customers more PLEASANT. Here are just 4 ways good manners improve customer service 🤓
✔ Greetings
It means making eye contact, smiling and saying Hi 🤗 If the customer wants to talk or is needing help, that opening will prompt them to ask for help. It shows that you’re HAPPY to see them and available for help if needed
✔ How you address them
Addressing your customers BY NAME, and knowing how they prefer to be addressed (Roy, Mr Teddy, Dr Alex, etc) shows that you take notice and respect them as individuals 😁
✔ The tone you use
If you’re a young, hip business – a FORMAL TONE will appear out of place 🙈🙈 If you market yourself as a super-professional business, then a CASUAL TONE will strike a bum note with your customers. Whatever tone you use, it’s still easy to be kind, be polite and be someone you’d like to do business with
✔ Please and Thanks
If you’re talking to a customer and you ask for something don’t forget to say PLEASE. And if they offer you something, say THANK YOU. It’s that easy, right? 😜
📧 For business inquiries please email us to
#MBCsosmedcontent #goodmanners #customerservices

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