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Empat Hari Bersama ASABRI

SESUATU banget, bisa ikutan program BUMN Mengajar bareng ASABRI empat hari tiga malam. Program yang sangat mulia, selain berbagi pengalaman, motivasi, dan inspirasi, juga ada sumbangan dalam bentuk pembangunan untuk dua kelas di SMA N 1 Purbalinnga senilai Rp 287 juta. Waw!

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Bagikan Jika Bermanfaat


Indoblognet merupakan bagian dari MB Communication Network (MB Network) yang diimplementasikan menjadi sebuah jaringan netizen dan blogger Indonesia.

Kami memberikan ruang bagi eksistensi sobat netizen dan blogger menuangkan ide, gagasan, opini, sekaligus berbagi informasi, ilmu, dan cerita tentang berbagai pengalaman yang menginspirasi untuk menciptakan kehidupan yang lebih baik.


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  • SEO Knowledge – Write Better CONTENT 😍
Guys, writing content should above all else be pleasant for you, okay 😉 Then you can create epic content that will appeal to your readers and become popular
Millions of articles have already been written, and thousands of new articles appear every day
Always create your content with a specific strategy in mind 🤓
You’ll get help from:
✔ Keyword/topic research
✔ Evaluating keyword competition
✔ On-page SEO
✔ Link building (hint: friendship!)
When you create content, always do some research. Find keywords over which you can compete 🕵
Try to create the best content possible in order to leave your competitors far behind. Conduct additional research, and your experience will give you an edge
Learn the intents of your users. Determine what they want to get and what problem they are trying to solve 🤔
It’s important to create better content that will excite your readers. So they won’t feel the need to search for other websites or additional information
Always try to give the most exhaustive and relevant answers. This will be valued by both your readers and search engines ❤
Search traffic doesn’t depend on how often you publish new content. It depends on the quality of the content, and how it’s promoted
So create the best possible content and share it with the world, Guuuys!! 🎉🎉
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