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Indoblognet merupakan bagian dari MB Communication Network (MB Network) yang diimplementasikan menjadi sebuah jaringan netizen dan blogger Indonesia.

Kami memberikan ruang bagi eksistensi sobat netizen dan blogger menuangkan ide, gagasan, opini, sekaligus berbagi informasi, ilmu, dan cerita tentang berbagai pengalaman yang menginspirasi untuk menciptakan kehidupan yang lebih baik.


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  • SURVEY! 51 percent of consumers say a business needs to be AVAILABLE 24/7 🏪🤑
According to this survey, a business needs to be ON at all times--and not just "on" yahhh, but ENGAGED! 🤓🤓
This is where a live chat function in your website can be extremely HELPFUL, since obviously a large portion of consumers have questions (and will want those questions answered before they make a purchase) 🙈🙈
Long term, however, many companies are looking to automate this process, since many consumers end up asking similar questions. As CHAT BOTS become more and more intuitive, this level of engagement won't be an ask on the consumer's part--it will become standard ✔
In our HYPER-CONNECTED society, it's only going to become more and more widely accepted to have someone (or some thing, like a chat bot) always at your disposal 🤗🤗
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#mbcsosmedcontent #smartbusiness #businesssurveys

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