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Indoblognet merupakan bagian dari MB Communication Network (MB Network) yang diimplementasikan menjadi sebuah jaringan netizen dan blogger Indonesia.

Kami memberikan ruang bagi eksistensi sobat netizen dan blogger menuangkan ide, gagasan, opini, sekaligus berbagi informasi, ilmu, dan cerita tentang berbagai pengalaman yang menginspirasi untuk menciptakan kehidupan yang lebih baik.


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  • Are You PROMOTING Your CONTENT?? 🤓
Guys, in the content marketing world, creating and publishing content are only the first steps toward a successful campaign
Often, the most important piece is also the most overlooked: CONTENT PROMOTION 😍
Content promotion is the process of sharing your content across multiple online channels to maximize the visibility of your work, and in many cases, repeating that distribution on regular intervals to increase your effectiveness even further
Why Content Promotion Is NECESSARY?
⏺ Maximize visibility

Distributing your content maximizes its potential VISIBILITY. If your content sits without being promoted, it’s unlikely that people will find it on their own. Promoting it means more people will see it, right? 😜
⏺ Self-sustain a content feed

When sharing a mix of newer and older content, you’ll have a self-sustaining “feed” of CONTENT UPDATES that you can use to keep your social channels active with content
That way, even if you go a few weeks without producing new content, you’ll have something to share with your social audience 😁
⏺ Rejuvenate interest in older works

You can also use your ongoing distribution efforts to attract attention for your older pieces of content. This allows your best content to keep getting ATTENTION
Credit: forbes.com
📧 For business inquiries please email us to mitrabranding@indoblognet.com
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